Tailor is a workflow system developed to work as an automation toolbox for engineers. Its core capability is running heavy engineering tools while storing data in a way that is accessible for the engineer.

As engineers we apply Python scripting at an increasing rate. Python and the large ecosystem of open source, high quality scientific libraries have made it easy to start writing scripts for automation, customized calculations, number-crunching, plotting and automated report generation. This enables faster iterations and more computations for each project.

However, the administration of scripts, files and servers was, at least in our case, chaos! Results for each iteration ended up in a new folder, typically named newest2 and old_v1. We had all these powerful scripts lying around, but the knowledge of how to run them only existed in the…

Bernt Sørby

Hydrodynamics engineering specialist at Entail. Automation of engineering software and workflows.

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